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Enflow Blood Warmer

Product Code : enFlow


enFlow® IV Infusionswärmer

Deliver the right temperature in the right place, at the right time. The enFlow® fluid warming system rapidly and automatically warms blood, blood products and IV solutions to 40 °C, helping prevent hypothermia. By warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed, the enFlow system can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients.

Cold and shivering patients are more than just uncomfortable. During the last two decades attention has focused on the dangers and costs of hypothermia, core body temperature of less than 36 °C (96.8 °F).


  • No bulky cassettes or tubing jacket
  • No controls to adjust

  • No calibrations to conduct

  • Simple set up and operation

  • Place the cartridge in-line

  • Prime the IV line

  • Insert the cartridge in the warmer and close the coversThe system warms fluids rapidly and automatically to a target temperature of 40°C 

  • The system warms fluids rapidly and automatically to a target temperature of 40 °C